Don't Worry About Your Car Breaking Down

Don't Worry About Your Car Breaking Down

Turn to us when you need a car battery in Lubbock, TX

A dead car battery can ruin your day. If your battery goes out, call Hub City Batteries for a mobile car battery replacement in Lubbock, TX. We offer home calls and roadside service, so we can help you wherever and whenever you break down. You can also trust us to check your alternator and starter to make sure your battery is the source of your car trouble.

Email us today if it's time to replace your battery.

Helping you stay on the road

You don't want someone to swap out your battery without checking on the overall state of your vehicle.

When you call us for a mobile car battery replacement, we'll:

Check the life of your battery
Look for corroded or rusted parts
Ensure your alternator and starter work

Once we finish reviewing your system, we'll provide a full report to let you know about any parts you may need to replace. You can then get a head start on your car maintenance. Contact us now if you need a new car battery.