Zip Around the Golf Course Without Issue

Zip Around the Golf Course Without Issue

Replace your old golf cart battery in Lubbock, TX

If your golf cart struggles to get up the hill to the green, you may need to replace its battery. Hub City Batteries replaces golf cart batteries in Lubbock, TX. We'll deliver your battery to your home and install it correctly. We now carry the following brand TROJAN!

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3 signs you need a new battery

If your golf cart doesn't get up and go anymore, you may need to replace it.

It's time to replace your golf cart battery if it:

1. Loses its charge quickly
2. Doesn't hit its top speed
3. Takes a long time to charge


Corroded golf cart battery cables are also a common issue. If you have corroded or disconnected cables, it may seem like your battery is running out of juice. We'll check your cables and batteries for any issues, damage or corrosion and replace if needed. Email us now if you need a pro to take a look at your batteries.