Hit the Open Road in Lubbock, TX

Hit the Open Road in Lubbock, TX

Install a new motorcycle battery for your ride

You don't want your cross-country road trip to get put on hold by a dead battery. If you need a new motorcycle battery in Lubbock, TX, Hub City Batteries has you covered. We'll come to your home or stop by the roadside, check the state of your battery, replace it if needed and replace any corroded cables. You'll then receive a full report of the state of your battery that specifies any parts you may need to replace soon.

Call 806-407-3363 now if you need a replacement motorcycle battery.

Checking every part of your battery

When you call for a replacement motorcycle battery, you can trust us to check your battery for potential problems.

We can check your:


We'll keep an eye out for rust, corrosion and other potential problems with the important parts of your battery and point out any parts that need replacement soon. If you think you need a new motorcycle battery, reach out to us today.